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Home Warranty

You should strongly consider the value of a home warranty plan when selling or buying your next home.

  • For the seller, listing your home with a home warranty could be the concession that draws a buyer to your home versus them purchasing a similar home of size and price that is without the offer.
  • Home warranty plans include a seller provision that provides the opportunity for the seller to have coverage on their home during the listing/sale period. This can be a great benefit to a seller when unexpected break downs occur to warranted items.
  • One of the best advantages for a seller who provides a home warranty is the angry telephone call that never comes from the buyer, buyer’s agent or attorney when a warranted home item breaks down.
  • For the buyer, a home warranty adds extra insurance to their home inspection. A wise budget conscious buyer will understand that having a seller provide or the buyer obtaining their own home warranty prior to closing, can offset any mechanical surprises that may rear their ugly heads after the buyer moves in to his new home.
  • Home warranties should never be used in place of a home inspection. However, coupled with a home inspection a home warranty can lesson the possibility of future stress to the homeowner.

While there are many different companies and plans to choose from, the one constant is the added security they may bring to both a buyer and a seller in a real estate transaction.

A basic home warranty will often span 1 year and is renewable. It will cover some of the basic components of a home listed plus you can obtain additional coverage for;

  • appliances
  • water heaters
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • heating and air
  • pools
  • wells
  • roofs

If a warranted item requires repair or replacement during the home warranty period, the homeowner will often save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by simply paying a small service fee to the warranty company regardless of the actual cost to repair or replace the item.

Be sure to carefully read the home warranty plan be presented to you in order to be confident that the items you are seeking coverage on are listed.

If you are planning on buying or selling a home and would like more information about a home warranty, give me a call. 407-304-0255



home warranty
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